VOLUMA® will restore the apples in your cheeks.

VOLUMA® – Vycross Technology

Lift and contour your cheeks for a youthful appearance.

VOLUMA® Filler

Hollow cheeks and sagging jowls are caused by the loss of collagen and elastin, the essential building blocks of young, healthy skin. While some might say loose skin is inevitable, there is a way to restore volume and begin a rejuvenation journey without plastic surgery. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® is an FDA approved facial filler designed for restoring the mid face and cheek areas. This filler restores your youthful appearance by broadening and building cheekbone volume. This helps the lower chin look more narrow and avoids sagginess in the jowl line. Fine lines at the injection site may also be diminished.

How Long Does VOLUMA® Last?

PUR-ONE MEDISPA appointments for VOLUMA® cheek treatments generally last from 60-90 minutes. A numbing cream is used to ensure comfort. Once the collagen-like material is injected into the skin, VOLUMA® results begin to show immediately. In recent studies, researchers have found the effects last up to 2 years. Treatments can be applied gradually for a completely natural look. Avoid pressure on the treatment area and sleeping on your side while healing.

Be the apple of everyone’s eye!

Our artistry works with your body to let you be the most refreshed version of yourself.

Treatments For A Whole New You

At PUR-ONE MEDISPA, we combine the latest facial renewal techniques with a safe, holistic approach that works with your body. We erase wrinkles with not only precision but care and grace. Finding a esthetitian you can trust is the tough part but Jackie Carr has worked in the facial aesthetics business for over 17 years giving her patients the benefit of years of expertise. At PUR-ONE MEDISPA, we listen carefully to your wishes and consider you as a person before any procedure. Our level of care, concern, and proven methods help you recover more quickly, avoid side effects, and extend the span of your rejuvenation. Contact PUR-ONE MEDISPA today to see how VOLUMA® can give you the fullness you’ve been missing.


** As with any injectables, avoid using anti-inflammatories for two weeks because it increases the risk of bruising. These include fish oil, omega-3, flax seed, ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, tumeric, cinnamon, and others. Never stop a medically indicated anti-inflammatory without consulting your physician. Any anti-inflammatory use in a 14 day span can result in more bleeding and bruising.