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Make your truly skin shine.

Skin Resurfacing With DiamondTome®

DiamondTome® Wands offer a quick, painless skin treatment that gently exfoliates your skin for a healthier, younger look. PUR-ONE MEDISPA delivers this high-quality treatment that removes the dead outer layer skin and pushes out the new skin more quickly for an even skin tone and healthier look. Skin resurfacing stimulates elastic tissue just beneath the surface for a more healthy and firm appearance. The DiamondTome® microdermabrasion technique uses stainless steel wands with diamond chips embedded in the tip that provide a gentle suction. There’s a reason that leading physicians and patients alike trust DiamondTome® to deliver great-looking results—reach out to PUR-ONE MEDISPA today and start your treatment.

Rejuvenate your skin with PUR-ONE MEDISPA

Find the younger you that you forgot existed.

Revitalize Your Skin With DiamondTome® Treatments

Finding a safe, painless skin resurfacing treatment doesn’t have to be difficult—with PUR-ONE MEDISPA, we provide high-quality care with a quick turnaround so that you’ll be looking younger than ever, quickly. DiamondTome® Wand treatments offer a safe, painless alternative to laser skin resurfacing methods, meaning you get to enjoy the same great look with none of the risk. While patients can receive the treatment as often as every two weeks, most of our clients at PUR-ONE MEDISPA receive it every 4-8 weeks. With just one hour set aside for each procedure, you’ll have healthier-looking skin even with a busy schedule.

As with any injectables, avoid using anti-inflammatories for two weeks because it increases the risk of bruising. These include fish oil, omega-3, flax seed, ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, tumeric, cinnamon, and others. Never stop a medically indicated anti-inflammatory without consulting your physician. Any anti-inflammatory use in a 14 day span can result in more bleeding and bruising.

Great Looking Results Quickly

PUR-ONE MEDISPA specializes in delivering exceptional-looking results with a quick turnaround. The more quickly we can get you in for a consultation and treatment, the more quickly you’ll look and feel more confident. Call us today, and see how starting tomorrow you can look younger than ever.