PUR-ONE MEDISPA offers customized treatment for every skin type.


Whatever your beauty goals are, we have the treatment for you.

Feel Better, Look Better

At PUR-ONE MEDISPA, we’re doing more than just treating your face from an aesthetic perspective— we take a holistic approach to skin treatments so that your inner-confidence shines through, just as much as your skin. Part of feeling better is looking better; our dynamic approach to a patient’s overall health gives your skin a fresh, rejuvenated look so that you don’t have to hide any unwanted wrinkles, lines, creases, or aging marks. Give your skin the boost it needs to turn heads with our diverse range of treatment options.

Meet Our Owner

Jackie Carr is a registered nurse, board-certified nurse practitioner, and licensed esthetician that specializes in a broad array of cutting-edge, effective treatment options. With more than 25 years of nursing experience, she has the tools and resources necessary to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Her proactive approach to skincare can help your skin turn back the clock for a younger, healthier-looking You.

Aging is unavoidable...

Do something about it at PUR-ONE MEDISPA!

Reach Your Goals

Every person has their own unique goals and ideals for how they want to look—no matter what you’re specifically looking for, Ms. Carr has the expertise to get you exactly where you want to be. Don’t waste any more time with hollow, tired-looking skin. Give yourself the look you deserve and embrace a more youthful approach to beauty and skincare. Whether you need a consultation or want an at-home skincare regiment, we’re confident at PUR-ONE MEDISPA that we can find exactly what you’re looking for.