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We’ve heard it all before: “Take your vitamins, eat your vegetables, and go to sleep early.” But these are only some of the things that you should do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The truth is actually more complex than that. And living in a busy area like St. Louis often makes it more difficult to manage your health properly. There are plenty of temptations that can easily guide you off track.

Fortunately, health and beauty specialist, Jackie Carr has figured out the easiest way to maintain good health in the Gateway to the West. With nearly 20 years of experience as a superior Nurse Practitioner and licensed Esthetician, Jackie possesses an unrivaled wealth of experience and knowledge in the health and wellness industry. Every day she works tirelessly to find solutions that make an instrumental impact on people’s everyday lives.

Health Tips For a Better Way of Life:

Healthy living is not all about weight loss or muscle gain. More importantly, it’s about maintaining a balanced lifestyle that helps you find peace of mind. Let’s not be mistaken though. This is definitely easier said than done. There is a lot of hard work and preparation involved, but Jackie has figured out a surefire way to help get your health on track. Here are her secrets:

Take Care of Your Skin:

Skincare is a critical factor in maintaining good health. Your skin is a protective layer that cushions nerves, bones, muscle tissue, and other areas of the human body. If your skin starts to wrinkle, scab, or peel, then it loses its strength and is unable to protect your body properly. Make sure that you are getting professional skincare from a certified Esthetician to keep your skin in peak form.

Keep Your Blood Pressure Down:

There are many health risks related to heavy blood pressure including stroke, kidney failure, and most notably, heart disease. When your blood boils to a certain level, it can cause your heart muscle to lose strength, which can lead it to shut down entirely. You can keep your blood pressure down by maintaining a healthy weight, steady diet, and by eliminating smoking, cutting back on caffeine and reducing stress.

Maintain a Balanced Diet:

One of the most important factors in living a better lifestyle is nutrition. Make sure that you are eating plenty of protein, an adequate amount of carbohydrates, and enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Healthy eating habits can help you prevent the risk of heart failure, cancer, diabetes, and many other harmful diseases.

Participate in Regular Physical Activity:

Even 15 minutes of activity a day can go a long way. Whether you are riding a bike, lifting weights, playing a game, or just going on a walk, physical activity is a proactive way for one to secure endless amounts of health benefits. It reduces blood sugar, keeps arteries clear, and strengthens lungs, heart, and many other muscles in your body.

Establish a Quality Sleeping Schedule:

Your body and mind need time to rest every night. Getting enough sleep significantly lowers your risk for serious health problems. In addition, it also reduces stress, improves moods, and can curb cravings for unhealthy food. Make sure you are carving out 7-8 hours for sleep each night.

Let’s Talk Healthy Living With Jackie:

As the owner and operator of PUR-ONE MEDISPA, Jackie Carr works relentlessly to help people improve their everyday health. By scheduling a free consultation with her, you’ll walk away with a plan that will help you secure better physical, emotional, and mental health. She’ll be there to discuss what your body needs, while also defining a strategy that helps you accomplish all health-related goals.

Contact us today to find out for yourself.