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WE EXPECT A LOT FROM OUR SKIN We want it to remain blemish- and breakout-free while consistently exposing it to potentially harmful and aging forces like the sun and other environmental elements. Thankfully, with a little help, you can keep your complexion youthful and healthy. A thoughtfully designed skin care regimen can help you tackle fine lines, discoloration, acne and other issues, according to Jackie Carr, R.N., ANP-BC, LE, owner of Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres. The medical spa offers a variety of effective skin treatments along with microblading through ChristineBrows.

Carr’s most important skin care recommendation is using a physical sunscreen every day. “It really is the number one anti-aging product on the market,” she says. “For my patients, I recommend EltaMD. The brand has an array of products that address specific concerns like hyperpigmentation, rosacea and dry skin.” EltaMD’s newest option is Restore. Available in tinted and untinted options, it offers broad-spectrum SPF 40 protection and contains squalane, an anti-aging emollient that revitalizes photodamaged skin. “It can help minimize ‘brown spots’ while providing improvement to fine lines, wrinkles and overall complexion,” Carr notes.

Restore is considered safe for all skin types, but Carr recommends that acne-prone people use the product with caution. If you tend to break out, she suggests trying EltaMD Clear, which contains niacinamide or vitamin B3. “Niacinamide can reduce inflammation in the tissue, which is a root contributor to skin disorders like acne,” she explains. “If a patient is on a budget, the brand’s AM and PM Therapy products are great options. They offer anti-aging benefits at an exceptional price point.” EltaMD products are available at Pur-One, and Carr offers free consultations to determine which options best fit people’s skin types and lifestyles.

Another product Carr suggests is a high quality vitamin C serum, which offers antioxidant protection from everyday stressors like free radicals, sunlight and environmental pollutants. Along with protecting the skin, these serums can improve texture and overall appearance and slow down the aging process. “My first choice for patients is SkinCeuticals serums,” she says. “They are scientifically validated and have proven results.” She adds that proper application can be discussed during a complimentary consultation at Pur-One.

Carr recommends including your neck and chest in your skin care routine. “It is never too early to start caring for these delicate structures, and it can help prevent the need for more invasive procedures,” she explains. SkinPen microneedling recently was approved by the FDA for treatment of the neck. It’s a good solution for what Carr dubs ‘tech neck,’ the extra lines and imperfections that come with increased time spent looking at a screen. “I suggest starting with three treatments spaced at four- to six-week intervals,” she says. “For the best results, you can combine microneedling with other treatments, and for at-home care, DefenAge helps with tissue repair and the improvement of texture, fine lines and wrinkles.”

The most popular treatment at Pur-One is Botox, and Carr notes it offers substantial results with just a few simple injections. “People always comment on the ‘Botox glow,’” she says. “I have more than 20 years of experience in application, and I am excited to continue serving St. Louis and surrounding areas.”