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THE PAST FEW MONTHS have been challenging for many, but stressful times always underscore the importance of good self-care, says Jackie Carr, RN, ANP-BC, LE, owner of PurOne Medispa in Des Peres. She says her practice is welcoming clients for treatments and procedures with a carefully thought-out set of safety measures in place. The medical spa’s services can help women and men regain a sense of vitality that they may have been missing this past spring.

“We are practicing important precautions such as wearing masks and gloves and sanitizing surfaces,” Carr says. “We are very glad to be open and serving clients again, and safety is a high priority. The practice is all about enhancing a client’s natural beauty, and we have many ways to accomplish that this summer.” Popular services include chemical peels, hydrafacials, dermaplaning and other treatments to encourage skin cell turnover and improve freshness and texture. Good at-home skin care is encouraged as well. “Turnover slows significantly as you age, and that can cause dullness, dryness and other problems,” Carr explains. “When you are consistent about your care regimen, it trains your skin to ‘act younger’ and push out new cells.”

Carr says she currently is seeing a lot of interest in facial services like lip fillers, especially among clients who have lines and wrinkles around the mouth or who want their lips to appear fuller. “Adults of all ages are asking for this treatment,” she says. “Another popular procedure is the ‘lip flip,’ which is accomplished with small amounts of Botox injected around the perioral muscles. It decreases pursing so that the top lip turns up slightly and looks fuller.”

She says that as people age, they begin to lose volume in their facial tissue, including bone, muscle and skin. “When these structures deplete, it causes changes like pursing of the lips and vertical lines around the mouth,” she notes. “Each person’s anatomy is different, and it often takes a series of treatments to get to the level of fullness that is desired. Options like Juvederm Ultra can help with these issues. The injectable filler Restylane Kysse also is available now to help lips look softer and fuller. The hyaluronic acid treatment provides support to the lip border and enhances the body of the lips.”

Carr says each new client receives a free consultation to discuss individual concerns and address questions. “We talk about each person’s expectations and look at their facial structure, anatomy and skin health,” she says. “We also talk about what to avoid, like treatments that shouldn’t be done while on certain medications or supplements. And not all procedures are appropriate for every facial structure. If you have small, fine features, for example, a lot of lip enhancement won’t look right.”

She says many people also are dealing with difficult areas of body fat since the lockdown, so treatments like Coolsculpting can be helpful. “It’s used in spots like the abdomen, flanks, bra area, underarms and thighs,” she says. “Whatever the client’s needs this summer, we offer treatments and solutions that can provide a more youthful appearance. St. Louisans are ready to get back to normal as much as possible, and we are ready to help them feel refreshed and revitalized.”