Skincare Routines to Reduce Wrinkles

Skincare Routines to Reduce Wrinkles

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Skincare is an investment process. The more effort you put into it now means the better results you will get years from now. How you treat your skin and body today will be reflected in the future. One of the tricky parts of caring for your skin is the fact that it changes over time. Your morning skincare routine when you are young should be different from your method when you are older. One of the simplest and best tips for proper skin health is sunscreen.

“For each decade, sunscreen is the No. 1 product to slow the aging process and protect you from skin cancer.” Dr. Michele Koo, a plastic surgeon, states. “Even in young adulthood…there are three things to remember: sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen.” Sun protection is crucial to slowing the aging process. As we grow older, the needs of our bodies change. This change isn’t always a bad thing. Fighting this and trying to force a youthful look at a mature age can often end up presenting the opposite effect.

Skincare Routines for Every Stage of Life.

It is possible to embrace the aging process and adequately care for your skin at the same time. Gracefully aging is not a myth. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to maintain the health of your skin at any age and manage the effect of wrinkles.

●     Your 20’s: This stage is pretty straightforward. Besides your daily use of sunscreen, you should use acne products as needed. Your nightly skincare routine should only include a cleansing and an antioxidant vitamin serum night cream.

●     Your 30’s: Say hello to your wrinkles and don’t be afraid of them. Doctors recommend using a gentle exfoliating cleanser to control your oil needs. A basic retinoid treatment can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and mitigate the damage from ultraviolet rays.

●     Your 40’s: The signs of aging are kicking in a bit stronger now. Jackie Carr, a nurse practitioner at PUR-ONE MEDISPA, says, “Aging mechanisms under the skin’s surface are emerging in this decade.” Your most dynamic wrinkles are treatable with Botox or dermal fillers. Chemical peels or microdermabrasion are useful for removing dead skin cells. These treatments also encourage new skin cell growth. By now your skin’s natural ability to fight sun damage is reduced. That means sunscreen is more important than ever.

●     Your 50’s: All of the previous skincare products should be continued and adjusted to fit your skin types and changing needs. The retinoid you use hinges on your level of skin damage and sensitivity. The antioxidant serum you use needs to be focused on vitamins that repair damage and encourage new cells and collagen. Your skin could be over-producing oils at this point, counteract this with a deep cleansing product that keeps your pores clean.

●     Your 60’s and Up: Your 60’s and Up: From this stage in life and upwards your skin is going to be drier, more damaged and less efficient in managing itself. Sunscreen continues to be a must. The concentration of your retinoid might need to be increased based on your pores and the texture of your skin. Add a moisture barrier to your routine, especially for bitterly cold weather or high altitudes. The antioxidant serum you are using needs to be of medical quality. Find one that uses vitamins to compensate for your inefficient skin cells.

What Else Can I do to Reduce Wrinkles?

-“Light can be absorbed by fine lines, large pores, and pigment in your skin,” says Carol Anderson, certified aesthetic nurse specialist. “The smoother your skin, the more radiant it will be.”

One of the most intensive ways of reducing your wrinkles over time is with a proper diet. What you eat is reflected in the health of your skin. Processed food can affect your hormones which can alter how much oil your skin creates. Too much sugar or alcohol can damage the natural collagen that supports your facial tissues. Staying properly hydrated is also crucial throughout your whole life. Of course, you can never forget sunscreen, but Vitamin C is another nice trick. This vitamin is a trifecta: it helps your body produce collagen, brightens your skin, and protects from the sun.

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